Viva Recreation Playground at Australian Garden Show


Viva Recreation is proud to announce that we will be collaborating with the Australian Garden Show Sydney to present the Wild-Play Garden, a landscaped area of exploratory play equipment.

The Australian Garden Show Sydney is "a stylish event celebrating Australia's love of gardens and outdoor spaces". It will be held from 4-7 September 2014 from 10am - 5pm daily at Centennial Park, Sydney.

The Viva Recreation ‘Wild-Play Garden’ is a demonstration play space for younger children integrating carefully selected Proludic equipment with landscape features. The space aims to provide opportunity for group play, imaginative play and physical challenge within a landscape setting and features some of our most popular pieces including the Proludic Climbing Hut (J254), and Proludic Jeep (J2614)

For more information or to get tickets click here.