New Inclusive Play Range!


No two children are the same, but they all love and need to play! All children can enjoy playing together when we have a good understanding of how to design for inclusion and to support abilities rather than limitations. 

Viva Recreation is proud to welcome Inclusive Play to our range of innovative and accessible play equipment.

The vision at Inclusive Play is to design, develop and manufacture quality products that enable children – no matter what their ability – to play together. 

Inclusive Play equipment is designed to be fun, intriguing, educational and accessible for all children. Inclusive Play creates play equipment that can be included in any playground so there is no need to create special areas for children of different abilities. The focus is on finding activities that empower a wide range of children, with and without special needs, so that they can play alongside each other. 

Explore the Inclusive Play range, which includes: 


Spinning and moving equipment provides great levels of sensorial and motor stimulation for all. Children experience speed and controlled movement. Children are enabled to acquire or improve their body control and synchronise their movements. These movements can combine coordination, elevated sensations and an awareness of height with fun and speed.  



Electronic play equipment is a new phenomenon in outdoor playgrounds all over the world. The key to long term sustainability is to create products that are inclusive, have multiple functions or choices and where the power comes from a renewable source. Inclusive Play has the solution! The Playnetic games are all powered by the energy we create from moving our bodies!  


Sensory & Play Panels

Sensory play equipment and play environments are crucial to a child’s development. Tactile experiences provided in the play space help develop and exercise the user’s sense of touch, smell, vision and sound. This provides the opportunity for a child to have their whole body involved in play.    



Music is the universal medium of communication, enjoyment, relaxation and brain development and stimulates parts of the brain related to reading, maths and emotional development. Bring music into your play area and provide children a free accessible facility by using any number of our tuned instruments.  

For more information on the Inclusive Play range, please contact us or view the play equipment online here.